04 Mag 2015

restyling products in PET

line Naturia r-pet After 6 years after the launch of the first products in PET Aristea we decided to equip our jewelry a new look. In 2008 Aristea has made a significant investment that has been reflected in a modern industrial complex equipped with the most advanced technologies in extrusion and thermoforming PET.
The range of glasses Aristea launched by the national and international market is made up of nine different references to capacity and size. An assortment, therefore, that ranges from 200 to 630 cc can satisfy any consumer's needs: from the classic pint glass of water for beer. Aristea focuses on characteristics of PET that combines shatterproof, transparency, gloss, texture, disimpilabilitĂ  and especially the environmental sustainability of the material, because it is easily recyclable thanks to the industry of recycling of plastic bottles of mineral water and beyond.
Features that, ultimately, make the glass in PET Aristea a unique product absolutely different from others on the market. The excellent results achieved and the significant growth trend, synonymous with high appreciation by the consumer, pushed Aristea to further implement the range, alongside references to traditional transparent new items in four trendy colors, in addition to lids for glasses, to cups and bowls with transparent. The bet was won in 2008. Aristea is today the only Italian manufacturer able to offer its customers a full range and depth of products in PET.

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