14 Nov 2018 Announcement about single-use plastics ban backed by European Parliament

Announcement about single-use plastics ban backed by European Parliament

On 24 October 2018 the European Parliament has backed a ban on certain single-use plastic items. Under this proposed directive, if endorsed by EU Member States, items such as plastic plates, plastic cutlery and plastic stirrers ( among others), described by the European commission as to be "responsible" for the pollution in seas, shores and waterways , would be banned from sale by 2021 within the EU. The proposed legislation has to be fully discussed and negotiated within the Council... CONTINUA>>>

07 Nov 2016 New website online! New features and new look

New website online! New features and new look

Siamo lieti di annunciarvi che il nostro nuovo sito è online. Oltre ad un'impostazione grafica moderna, adatta anche alla visualizzazione su dispositivi mobili, abbiamo semplificato la navigazione rendendo il nostro catalogo completamente accessibile con pochi click. Inoltre, abbiamo implementato una potente funzione di ricerca che vi permette di cercare i nostri prodotti per marchio, colore, denominazione, capacità ecc. Ad esempio, potrete digitare "piatti bianchi", "bicchieri 250cc",... CONTINUA>>>

10 Set 2016 Brands Award 2016 Nomination

Brands Award 2016 Nomination

We are pleased to inform that our company has received the prestigious nomination brand Awards 2016, the only initiative that rewards the best "performance" brand annually in consumer goods through objective and verifiable criteria involving end users, the modern retail and the social world. Brands Award is not working through registration: No need to pay any amount: automatically combine all consumer goods on the market. Brands awards, in fact, is based on objective selection criteria of... CONTINUA>>>

03 Ago 2016 Two new colors for FIESTA line

Two new colors for FIESTA line

Siamo lieti di annunciare il lancio di due nuove colorazioni dedicate alla linea FIESTA. Per rispondere alle esigenze del mercato presentiamo una linea di prodotti di colore verde mela ed un'altra di prodotti neri che vanno ad arricchire una linea che, in questo modo, si articola in ben 11 colorazioni diverse. Ogni colorazione si articola in 7 referenze con cui poter abbellire la vostra tavola: piatti dessert, piatti 220, bicchieri da 250, forchette, coltelli, cucchiai e tovaglioli. La linea... CONTINUA>>>

29 Lug 2016 The plastic food packaging do not pose risks to the final consumer

The plastic food packaging do not pose risks to the final consumer

Riportiamo il comunicato presente sul sito raggiungibile cliccando qui.Con riferimento alle attività di verifica dei NAS presso numerose mense scolastiche, e a quanto riportato da alcune testate giornalistiche, che hanno genericamente parlato di “piatti di plastiche contaminate” in associazione con la presenza di residui di fluorurati in “piatti fondi”, teniamo a specificare che tali residui non si possono trovare nelle stoviglie monouso in plastica, ma... CONTINUA>>>

04 Mag 2015 restyling products in PET

restyling products in PET

After 6 years after the launch of the first products in PET Aristea we decided to equip our jewelry a new look. In 2008 Aristea has made a significant investment that has been reflected in a modern industrial complex equipped with the most advanced technologies in extrusion and thermoforming PET. The range of glasses Aristea launched by the national and international market is made up of nine different references to capacity and size. An assortment, therefore, that ranges from 200 to 630... CONTINUA>>>

29 Apr 2015 new products Naturia

new products <strong>Naturia</strong>

Our commitment to environmental protection takes the form of "Naturia", a line of products R-PET obtained by combining PET virgin PET already recycled. Aristea has always been sensitive to environmental issues, as evidenced by the environmental certification system ISO 14001 and EMAS, identified in PET further opportunity for investment for the environment: in 2012 the company has started production of a new range of products even more environmentally sustainable containing recycled plastic... CONTINUA>>>

28 Apr 2015 New PET Bowls

New PET Bowls

We have expanded our product line in PET with the salad bowls that , like other products in the same line , are characterized by transparency, brightness , shatterproof and high value in ecological terms . Our salad bowls, moreover, are equipped with a comfortable joint cover also made from PET. CONTINUA>>>

13 Feb 2012 PET Products

PET Products

PET: BRIGHT, ECOLOGICAL, SHATTERPROOF Our PET productsThanks to its versatility , handiness and safe use, PET cup proves to be the best the market can offer in terms of quality (transparency and brightness), safety (shatterproofness and atoxicity) and eco compatibility. ARISTEA technical staff succeeded , the first in Italy, in developing a high quality PET cups and bowls range, highly transparent and unbreakable. An important characteristic of our PET cups is the perfect rim... CONTINUA>>>

08 Feb 2011 The new website is online!

The new website is online!

We are proud to announce the online publication of our new website. Today’s date, more than an arrival point, is the beginning of a new phase that will enable us to be in harness with our customers. Our website , wants to be a gate-in to our company; Through it, it is possible not only to browse our product catalogue, but also to receive news and updatings of our activities as well as ask for information. Our products will be presented by a viewer at the center of the page, with a table... CONTINUA>>>