plastica monouso Aristea was established in 1985 in Battipaglia, province of Salerno, with the aim to create a solid and competitive company in the sector of single use plastic disposables and containers. The force of our staff, along with the marketing choices performed, have allowed the achievement of that objective in times shorter than those forecast .Today our activities are carried out in a very-recently-built manufacturing plant, extending on 60.000 square meters , of which 24.000 dedicated to production and , thanks to a particularly efficient distribution network, our brand is active in Italy and in many European and non European countries. Those results are achieved on a daily basis thanks to the specific company philosophy Aristea has, firmly anchored, as it is, to the concept of quality applied to all production levels, and strongly oriented towards the most up-to -date technology. Since our first years of activity we have invested huge resources in the Vending division, both because it was considered an expanding market and because we were convinced that the need for technically perfect products in this sector was of more vital importance than in others.plastic dishes Although having acquired a considerable "know how" through the years, we never stopped keeping ourselves up with the times, always trying to find solutions on the cutting edge. Today, after uninterrupted investments in the retail, vending and catering sectors, we are able to provide our customers with products that have a value that goes beyond their technical perfection.


magazzino automatico Our mission, since the very beginning,, was inspired by principles such as quality and reliability. Aims that are achieved by paying a particular attention to the product at any stage, from production to delivery. Our attention is not only focused on the planning and production stage, in fact we are capable to offer a flawless and punctual delivery service thanks to some devices implemented during loading and transport stage. Despite we can brag about a considerable know how based on twenty-five years experience, we constantly update ourselves to be able to keep the pace with times and to meet the most demanding customers' needs. Making products of impeccable quality to us is "only" the first link of a chain being completed adopting all measures that safeguard the product and the customer up to the consumption by the end user. To our products we add a surplus value and insure that we create with the customer a relationship based on total trust and cooperation.

produzione We operate in four different market segments: Vending, Retail, Catering and food packaging for the industries. The main activity is represented by the segment of Retail where we are present both in the Italian and foreign markets: in addition to traditional cups, plates and cutlery, enlisted in our extensive product catalogue, you can also find bowls, pizza plates, Kristal-clear cutlery of exceptional resilience in space-saving packaging, 100% recyclable PET cups, and the Fiesta line currently available in 11 different colors suitable to any occasion.