Making QUALITY means to identify correctly people's expectations and satisfy them through an offer based on gathering together product-service-information.
In connection with the specific sector ARISTEA operates, working in conformity with quality procedures means pursuing the fundamental aim of supplying safe products, effective in their usage and of appeal to the consumer. To attain such objective ARISTEA has implemented an organizational quality system in conformity with the rules of series ISO 9000 –certified by more than 10 years- and from 2009 according to new UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
The capability of generating quality depends on the excellence of the management of the system, based in its turn on the quality of the people, on company values they share and on adequate operational mode.


Aristea product complies with the most stringent safety requirements as set by Community and domestic provisions (Regulation CE 1935/2004), (D.M. 21 March 1973) for objects designated to food contact. To guarantee those requisites with constant and continuous efficacy , the production process is managed by ARISTEA in a controlled way, from its planning and outsourcing phase until the delivery of the packed finished product.


ARISTEA guaranties the safety of the product thanks to a rigorous management of the production system, in accordance with the principles of GMP -Good Manufacturing Practice- as recalled by EC Regulation 2023/2006 and with the principles of HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) self-control. In the last few years ARISTEA has updated its production plants with the best technologies available in the market. The organization of the production fluxes have also been affected by the technical innovation through periodical staff retraining and by computerizing the production lines in order to make internal communication more modern and effective.
The innovation has been pushed forward with the investment of a new manufacturing site located in the industrial area of Contursi Terme dedicated to the production of PET cups, a new product in the single-use market , transparent, unbreakable and easy to recycle because it can be assimilated to the PET bottles for mineral water.
ARISTEA has developed a partnership with her suppliers, committing herself to reach the common goals of quality and product safety.
All raw and packaging materials used are certified fit to food contact; every single supply is certified by the supplier and at the check-in stage, inspected according to fixed schemes.


Finished products undergo a lab conformity test in accordance with EC Regulation 1935/2004 and DM 21/03/73 and following updatings and with the legislation in force they refer to, for the determination of global and specific migrations with the aim to certify conformity to usage conditions expressly specified on the packaging of our products, with a view to provide the customer with the maximum attention and transparency .
Products are tested for conformity to the contact of any kind of food (watery, acid, alcoholic, greasy, dairy) under certain usage conditions (temperature and contact time).


ARISTEA has adopted a product traceability system conforming to INDICOD-ECR standards. The traceability code is present on every selling unit: on the primary packaging, on the carton and on the ready-to-be – delivered pallet.
ARISTEA has set up a specific procedure to manage a product recall, so that to intervene on the market and solve any possible anomaly assuring in any case the consumer with the safety of the product.