The respect for the environment is for ARISTEA a fundamental commitment having the awareness of the critical level reached today , due to pollution, to waste management and to the exploitation of natural resources.
To attain higher environmental protection objectives, ARISTEA equipped herself with an effective instrument for pollution control and for the exploitation of natural resources, implementing an organizational system according to the norm UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.
In 2007 Aristea decided to adhere to Community Regulation EMAS (Environmental Management & Audit Scheme), obtaining the registration of the site of via Bosco Fili in the industrial area of Battipaglia with the number IT-000872 dated 16 May 2008, in conformity to the then in force EC Regulation 761/2001. Today, following to the expiration of the Registration date (24 July 2010), Aristea renews her commitment towards the environment , revising her own environmental management scheme and the Environmental Declaration , in the light of EC new Regulation 1221/2009, known as EMAS III.
The management system sets the objectives of " quality of pollution" always higher, fostering constant improvements of the environmental performances by adopting policies and programs submitted to systematic, objective and periodical evaluation.
Furthermore, ARISTEA periodically renews her commitment for the reduction of environmental impacts , investing in training , in staff awareness and in more eco-friendly technologies. An essential element of the commitment of ARISTEA is the communication to the public. Through the Environment Declaration (downloadable from the web site) ARISTEA brings to the public knowledge the environmental impacts of the production site of Battipaglia and her commitment for the improvement of those impacts, by periodically updating the results.